Monday, September 5, 2011

I Love to Draw! Featured Sketch #3

Green Lantern in Water color - Step by step

You always save the best for last, right? The last character of the 10 character challenge I was doing. Green Lantern. I wanted to do Hal Jordan, because I did see the movie, and I felt most familiar with that character... But I also wanted to do something non conventional for American comics. I wanted to do a watercolor, that much I knew for sure, but I wasn't sure who's art style I wanted to mimic for this piece. Then it dawned on me... Yoshitaka Amano. He would make a perfect subject for me to try his style. So without further interuption, I'll  get onto the pictures...

Rough draft sketch using 9H graphite pencil.

Once the pencil work was finalized, I set to work Inking the lines with a Sakura Pigma Micron .005.

Then I switched to my Brush and Inks, starting with my finest point brush and "cutting in" all the edges.

Then I switched up to a larger brush to fill all the empty spaces.

This particular piece is on 9" x 12" drawing paper, which almost fits on my scanner bed, so I went ahead and scanned it in black and white. I really like how clean it looks.

Then I set to work painting with water color. I underpainter using Prismacolor watercolor pencils, then switched over to a wash of yellow, then a dry brushing, then the same for orange, then black, then green until finished.

With the piece completed I went ahead and scanned it into the computer, then uploaded it to photshop, did just a couple little minor adjustments, and this is the final result.

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