Imagery through Words - Conneting both Hemispheres


I write these poems on instinct,
The feelings I draw to paper,
For if a picture is worth,
A thousand words,
Those words must be worth,
So much more.


A bright jewel,
In a sea of stones;
Sits alone,
Catching my eye.
I never saw it before,
But it was there all along,
Shining as bright as day.

Demons within

An enemy is there when needed;
A friend will stab you in the back;
And you, yourself, are your own demon;


Dim shadows approach,
As my body lay still.
My mind shutters coldly,
Against my own free will.
Tainted, tormented,
Shocked, and amazed,
Like deep red rubies,
My eyes become glazed.
Motionless I lay,
Deep into the night,
My soul inside burning,
With a renewed delight.
Half crazed with thoughts,
Hopeful yet bleak,
My mind is enraged,
No longer quiet and meek.
A rapid heartbeating,
Resounds in my chest,
Racing, then stopping,
Inside of my breast.
My carcass lay still,
For the wolves to eat.
They and the vultures,
Shall dine on my meat.
The red stained snow,
Fades away from me,
Giving way to blackness,
Which now I can see.

Bittersweet Grey

Where is the light,
That I seek?
I see nothing.
Not even darkness.
It is all a vivid grey,
Nothing more,
And nothing less.
Stuck in the middle,
And yet,
Torn in-between.
The day is lost,
And the night won’t come.
It is noon,
And extremely parching.
I’m fading from existence,
And no one else can see,
The color inside,
Is leaving.
And with it,
Will go,

A collaborative poem:

Note me with two lines of a poem,
I will reply two next in line,
It can be any kind of poem,
We can even make it rhyme,
Then we can continue on,
trading lines of two,
We can call it collaboration,
Unless you write Haiku,
It will end when we error,
Or we should lose our way
But it will be lots of fun
And we should finish before May.
Just how it starts or ends though
Will be quite the suprise,
But the journey in the making,
Should be a pleasure for the eyes.



The Bum and I
On nights such as these,
Nipping at my back,
A hallowed cold breeze,
Reminds me of what I lack.

A coat to ward the chill,
Pants to fight the cold,
As I stumble down the hill,
Feeling lost and old.

Sleeves and shirt, have I none,
I am naked to the skin,
Lost and all alone,
This wretched state I'm in.

I twitch and shake and shiver,
My body going numb,
I have given my everything,
To a lowly bum.

For he has it worse then I,
With no place to call a home,
So for only just this night,
Like this I shall roam.

My wallet I gave too,
At first he would not take,
He offered me his shoes,
And a deal we did make.

It's been a wicked journey,
His shoes on my feet were sore,
If only he too could turn a key,
And keep the cold behind a door.


Oh, sweet and blessed sleep,
Why do you elude me so?
Have I been lost to your good graces?
Was it I, that made you go?
Dear, loving, perfect sleep.
How I miss you so.
I looked for you all the night,
Over and over, did I search,
I  just know this can't be right.
I pray to thee, as if in church,
Please, please tell me,
Where is it you lurch?
I waited in a worried panic,
convinced you were near.
My darling, dearest sleep,
I concede that I must fear,
You may be gone forever,
So I shed a Tear.
But then you came around,
This morning, so very very early,
Full of anger and acting fitfull,
I was happy surely.
Wonderful , beautiful sleep,
Overjoyed am I,  for your return!
But you left me harshly this morning,
With not even a kind word to yearn.
Perhaps the day will be kinder,
And make you jealous to return.


If you left;
I’d be alone,
By myself;
But if you stayed;
The times we’d spend,
The laughter we’d have;
If it ends;
We’d say goodbye,
Then we’d be;
If I said, “I love you”
Then You’d understand;
And oft would be the secrets,
We’d share between us;