Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Now comes the fun part... Learning how to use it all. Please standby for awesomeness...

YAY!!! Now I can use photoshop! Woo Hoo! (the following is a dramatization of what occured after)

ME > Hello Lappy! (nickname for laptop) Sorry I was so mean to you a little while ago... I installed some really cool new stuff though, and I think you're going to like it.

Lappy > Oh? What did you do?

Me > Well, we have a Wacom tablet now, and I gave you Photoshop 6 and 7.

Lappy > YAY! I am so excited! What does it do?

Me > Let's find out together! Adventure here we come!
(Double Click Photshop.EXE)


Make a Sandwhich... and check in on it...

Bake a batch of cookies... wait some more...

Glance at the computer while rushing to the bathroom... (too much cookie dough)

ME > Heya Lappy! Finally got Photoshop open I see...

Lappy > Yah... mmmm... my head hurts...

Photoshop (hereafter refered to as PS) > Hello! I AM A GOD! BOW DOWN BEFORE ME YOU INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE WORM!

ME > Ummm... Hi?

PS > Hello. Just kidding about the "God" thing... what would you like to do today?

ME > Well, can we start with something simple?

PS > Sure. What do you have in mind?

ME > I want to make a Circle. 

PS > Sure. No Problem.

ME > YAY! Can we make it Yellow?

PS > No.

ME > Ummm... okay... well I want a yellow circle...

PS > If you wanted a yellow circle, then why did you make a black one?

ME> umm... I dunno... lets start over... Can I have a yellow circle please?

PS > Are you sure that's what you want?

ME > Yes.



PS > Always a pleasure to serve.

ME > Okay. Now I want some smaller black circles... you know.. for eyes...

PS > ummm.... no.

ME > You know what...? Let's ask Paint... Hey PAINT!

PAINT > Hello!

ME > Can I have a circle please?

PAINT > Done.

ME > Sweet! How about a Yellow circle.

PAINT > As you wish sir.

ME > WOW! YAY! Hey... can I have some small black circles too?

PAINT > Like this?

ME > YES, Fantastic! Hey, Can I play around here for a bit?

PAINT > Sure... no problem.. you're the boss.

PAINT > *psst* hey photoshop...

PS > Yah? What do you want?

PS > HEY! Don't you know who I am? You can't do that to me!

PAINT > ...

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